Join us on Wednesday at 7:30pm during Lent for Weekday Evening Mass at Holy Family Catholic Church. This event is a wonderful opportunity to deepen our spiritual lives and connect with our community in a meaningful way.


Weekday Evening Mass

Weekday Evening Mass

Our weekday evening Mass is a peaceful and reflective service that offers us a chance to pause from the busyness of our lives and focus on our relationship with God. Whether you are a long time member of our community or a newcomer to our church, you are welcome to join us for this special service.

Weekday Evening Mass is an excellent option for those who are unable to attend Mass on Sundays or who wish to supplement their Sunday worship with additional spiritual nourishment during the week especially during the Lenten season. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to deepen their faith and strengthen their connection with Christ.

Event Details

  • 2023-03-29
  • 19:30:00
  • Holy Family Catholic Church